Electro-optics (E-beam)

We provide clients e-beam inspection on liquid samples, and allow creating atmospheric environment in vacuum. Through our well designed Nano-scale Visualization Stage and Microfluidic Chips, we can assist clients to conduct high resolution inspections on various liquid samples.

Visualization Stages

Stages equipped with electronic penetration membrane and micro channels

By creating an atmospheric environment in a vacuum environment, we may resolve the incapability of insepcting liquid samples in a vacuum environment.


Microfludic Chips

Assist users to undergo any chip function customizing requirement, such as elecrify, heating, micro channel design, multi window, etc.

The multifunctional surface treatment may be applied to various samples

We provide total soultions including testing high-resolution liquid samples in nano Biotech, semiconductor, energy industries and expand our technique to the application of innovation detection.

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