Imaging Processing

01 Particle Distribution Dimensions Analysis. (Including abnormal size detection)

  • Abnormal size detection( with self-entered dimensions). The system will automatically generate output signal and warning.
  • Enables signal link with EDS detector, and conduct abnormal contaminants detection (applied in ultra-pure water and chemical liquids for semiconductor use). Liquid components images are continuously outputted from original images. When impure contaminant particles(organic or inorganic) are detected from the image, it instantly generates a signaled output.

02 Dispersibility Quantitative Analysis

  • Quantitative indicators decides whether the sample belongs to dispersive or aggregated. With quantitative numerical values, parameter analysis and product performance correlation analysis can be conducted afterwards.

03 Shape Identification and Analysis

  • Shape identification on samples(shape definition) are done to analyze the percentage of different shapes of particles on the same image, and conduct product and performance correlation analysis afterwards.

04 Concentration Analysis

  • Calculate the quantitative index of concentration on samples.

05 Image and Database Establishment

  • Conduct data analysis on continuously shot images and save in database.
  • Using various images of the same sample, adjust the size of the image and layer according to the position of the reference points and scale bar.

We provide total soultions including testing high-resolution liquid samples in nano Biotech, semiconductor, energy industries and expand our technique to the application of innovation detection.

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