Nano medicine

Dimension, dispersibility, and concentration analysis of nano medicine; surface morphology

    A.Well Produced Polystyrene Manufacturing Process

  • Size/Size distribution
  • Aggregation

  • Shape
  • Composition

B. Incorrect polystyrene manufacturing process
(Polystyrene cannot form a sphere)


 / Distribution
 / Concentration

Cell Morphology

Suspension cell, fungus morphological analysis; substrate microorganism/ cell tissue observation


B.Black mold


Cosmetics/ Foods

Nanomaterials testing on cosmetic/food additives can certify whether products satisfy EU product labeling regulations and provide quantified data for product variation.

Different biological specimen by SEM morphology observation (instant observation specimen division and growth)

A.Antrodia cinnamomea spores

B.Fungus(Tremella) spores


We provide total soultions including testing high-resolution liquid samples in nano Biotech, semiconductor, energy industries and expand our technique to the application of innovation detection.

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