Electrode Slurry


  • Research on nano materials used in electrodes of electric vehicles and cell phone battery
  • In-process inspections for silver and aluminum paste used in solar power
  • CMP Slurry

    Semiconductor & Electronic Industry

  • Nanoscale inspections of CMP slurry, etching chemicals, DI water etc
  • Process simulation and analyses of next-generation liquid products
  • Analysis for synthesis of nanomaterials

  • Liposome

    Biochemistry & Pharmaceuticals

  • Inspections of bacteria such as E. coli and microorganisms
  • Evaluation of medicine development for proteins, cancer cells, bacteria etc

  • Nano Particle

    Examination & Verification

  • Satisfying the EU/US regulations and ISO 13014 on nano-product labeling
  • Comprehensive analyses for chemical and physical characteristics of nano products
  • And such as




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    Microscopy-Related Service Through Our Platform

    We provide total soultions including testing high-resolution liquid samples in nano Biotech, semiconductor, energy industries and expand our technique to the application of innovation detection.

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